Types Of Signs Carved Signs, Building Signs, Monument Signs, Freestanding Signs, Channel Letter Signs, Illuminated Signs plus Crane Lifting

Whatever you choose, The Sign Company of Wilmington makes you shine.

Illuminated Signs

Illuminated signs are especially effective for businesses with hours of service that extend beyond sunset. An illuminated sign adds a certain warrants and visual attraction that cannot be easily ignored. during night time hours, it can also serve as a reminder to the general public that you are, in fact, open and ready to serve them. The Sign Company of Wilmington has provided illuminated signs for businesses throughout Wilmington, Jacksonville, Leland, as well as in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and surrounding areas.

Our Illuminated Sign Options Include:

  • Storefront or building LED / Neon Illuminated Channel Letters
    • This is your bright and shining welcome mat that attracts attention, highlights your company name and can create an appealing depth of dimension that adds character and flare do your company name
  • Cabinet Signs w/Plastic Faces
    • Also known as wall signs or box signs, cabinet signs are eliminated internally and traditionally mounted to storefront walls, but can be installed as a pole sign or monument sign. they provide excellent visibility to businesses both day and night and are known for durability and versatility.
  • Routed Aluminum-Faced Signs
    • These sign cabinets are fabricated using high quality aluminum. The face of the sign is routed out and covered by an acrylic panel which allows only the face of the letters to be illuminated for a dramatically contrasted display.
  • Custom-Shaped Signs
    • Custom shaped signs provide a unique eye-catching appeal that adds character and personality.
  • …And many others

Non-Illuminated Signs

Our Non-Illuminated signs are just as attractive and appealing as our illuminated selections. These signs have great appeal for virtually all types of businesses.  It’s important to remember that non-illuminated signs can still be made visible at night with the right professionally installed lighting application.

Our Non-Illuminated Sign Options Include:

  • Reverse Aluminum Pan Signs
    • These signs consist of a metal pan shaped like a letter but the metal bottom of the letter pan faces outward away from the wall surface, instead of facing inward against the wall surface like typical pan channels. this creates a softer, more elegant display often used by fine dining establishments, medical facilities and high-end clothing boutiques and jewelry stores.
  • Carved Signs
    • Carved signs can provide a rustic hand-crafted artistic look that many find warm and comforting in appearance. Family style restaurants, agricultural businesses, family-owned stores, art boutiques, hunting and fishing equipment stores and other more ‘homestyle’ businesses often used carved signs.
  • Freestanding Signs
    • Freestanding signs are particularly popular for promoting a company name beyond the limits of the building itself. They can be installed virtually anywhere (within specific municipal requirements) and can provide advanced notice of your business location in high traffic areas. You can include directional information (“Take the next right”, etc.). They’re excellent for attracting those impulse buyers driving by. We offer a variety of free-standing sign options that include:
      • Pylon Signs
      • Monument Signs (Illuminated and Non-Illuminated)
      • LED Displays
      • CAD Router Carved Face Free-standing Signs
      • Building Signs
      • Monument Signs
      • Channel Letters