Custom Signs for Wilmington, Jacksonville, Leland, NC, & surrounding areas

We Make Memorable Signs

What’s the first thing people notice when they see your business?  If it’s not your company name, something’s wrong. The beauty of your facility, the well-manicured grounds and ample parking lot are all important, but it’s just a labor of futility if they don’t remember the name of your business. That’s where The Sign Company of Wilmington shines brightest. We create custom signs that make your business memorable. Whether we’re placing your name, your company logo on a customized sign that’s mounted on the building, free-standing or as a monument sign, everything created by The Sign Company of Wilmington gets the right kind of attention.

We Make Durable Signs

Because we provide in-house fabrication, the technicians at The Sign Company of Wilmington never have to worry about cutting corners on materials in order to meet volume orders. Nor do we have to look for more efficient ways to mass-produce cookie cutter designs. When we create custom signs, we take the word ‘custom’ seriously. Unique Designs require unique approaches, and our experienced technicians have the craftsmanship necessary to create those one of a kind signs that are as individual as your company.

We Make Beautiful Signs

An unattractive sign is a useless sign. Each sign should be created in a way that enhances its environment without blending in and getting lost. After all, the idea is for customers to be compelled to look at the sign, see the name, and remember your company when they’re looking for the products and/or services you provide. From our design team to our fabrication department, everyone at The Sign Company of Wilmington understands that your sign may be the first impression people make concerning your company. We make sure it’s a beautiful one!

We Make Customized Signs!

Why should your sign look like every other one of your competitors signs when what you really want to do is stand out? You work hard to distinguish your company from all the others. From the quality of your products and services to your marketing approach, branding yourself in the minds of your target market is an intentional process that savvy business owners pursue endlessly. The Sign Company of Wilmington makes sure you stand out in a crowd with customized signage that attracts all the right kind of attention. Business signs are made to promote business, provide a glimpse into the way you do business and put that professional appearance right out front where everybody can see it. With carved signs, LED displays, vehicle graphics and illuminated signs, channel letters, monument signs and a host of other design options, The Sign Company of Wilmington does it all, and we do it with style.

And We Install Them All

Nothing ruins a good sign faster than a poor installation. Without careful pre-installation planning, your sign could become a detriment to your company’s good name. Our professional team of installers have the experience, equipment and knowledge necessary to tackle even the most elaborate installations. Illuminated, non-illuminated, free-standing signs, cabinet signs, neon signs and virtually every style you can imagine our no problem for the installers at The Sign Company of Wilmington.   From carefully selecting the most visible and secure location for your sign to providing supporting hardware that complements rather than detracts from the beauty of your sign, The Sign Company of Wilmington handles your installation with the same meticulous attention to detail that  goes into its creation.