About The Sign Company of Wilmington Custom Signs, Business Signs, Commercial Signs, Carved Signs, Building Signs, Monument Signs, and more in Wilmington, and nearby coastal areas

Making Signs the Right Way

What truly sets us apart at The Sign Company of Wilmington is our dedication to effective design.

We understand the importance of taking into consideration all aspects and variables surrounding the design, creation and installation of custom business signs. There are a host of things that come into play when choosing a specific design.  

For instance:


    What type of sign is best suited for your location? will it be obstructed by trees, buildings, street lights, Billboards or other items? Will it be more visible attached to your building or as a free-standing or monument sign?


    While a logo may look fantastic on a business card, it may not translate well on certain sign designs. Our graphic designers can discuss different approaches that can incorporate your logo in a way that retains its professional look.


    Different materials work better with different designs. Some are more malleable, making the imperfect for more complex freeform designs, while others are better suited for more defined designs. The team at The Sign Company of Wilmington is best suited for specific designs, ensuring a sign that reflects your original design perfectly.


    The right lighting can create an amazingly dynamic presentation. Our designers take into consideration the power of Illumination and work in conjunction with our installation techs to provide lighting solutions that seamlessly integrate with your sign design.


    Even the best signs suffer in appearance with improper installation. The installers at The Sign Company of Wilmington have years of experience in overcoming issues that could detract from the effectiveness and visual appeal of your sign. By including installation as a major factor during the initial design process, we eliminate many typical installation issues.

We Do The Work

It’s one of the signature characteristics that sets The Sign Company of Wilmington apart from others within our industry. 90% of the products we design and sell are manufactured within our state-of-the-art facility. That means while other companies are waiting on wholesaler bids and pricing and fabrication estimates, we’re already working on your sign. It also means we have greater control over all facets of the project, ensuring every step meets our demanding quality control standards. Since we are not a wholesale producer, we don’t work to create volume, but focus exclusively on fabricating a flawless, customized product.