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The Sign Company of Wilmington: Your turn-key sign company

Design, Fabrication, Installation & Service

Many sign companies are truly brokers for sign fabricators. Others are limited in their scope of installation services…some subcontract all installation services to other service providers. While you may think you’re dealing with one company, you could be dealing with as many as four: the ‘sign company’ that’s actually a broker for the fabricator, a graphic designer, the fabricator/manufacturer and the installer. The more companies involved, the greater the chances of miscommunication and resulting errors. The Sign Company of Wilmington eliminates the worries by doing it all right ourselves.


Creating your image

This is where the magic begins. Our graphic design team sits down with you to get a feel for your company. We spent a lot of time listening so we can understand the message that you want your sign to convey. Whether you have an existing logo or need us to create one for you, we capture the personality and professionalism of your business in order to create a sign that visually expresses your message. You’ll be amazed at what we can do. While you’re visiting our website, be sure to check out our projects page and take a peek at the possibilities for your company.


Bringing your image to life

Our expert Craftsmen take each design individually, looking for the best way to transfer the image agreed on and make it a beautiful manifestation of your corporate identity. Masters at creating the right combination of depth, perceptual texture, color and light, our team carefully plans each step of the fabrication process, thus ensuring continuity and fluidity from the design to the finished product.  They consider the location of each sign to help determine the materials used so that you get a finished product that is as durable as it is beautiful. Because we handle the fabrication process in house, it also makes it easier to create a sign that will install effectively, efficiently, securely and attractively.


The finishing touch

Before the fabrication process is even started, installation was an important consideration. By taking care of everything at one location, we’re able to incorporate specific installation requirements into the design in a way that other companies simply can’t match. That means we can avoid those awkward looking ‘fixes’ or ill-fitting adjustments that can sometimes plague companies that outsource installations.

Each department of our team works together to ensure your sign is meticulously created from start to finish, including the all-important installation. This includes indirect lighting, LED lighting and other forms of Illumination to make your sign as eye-catching and dramatic at night as it is during daylight hours. Be sure to ask about our parking lot lighting service, delivered with the same level of professionalism you’ve come to expect from The Sign Company of Wilmington.

NOTE: The Sign Company of Wilmington also sells crane lifts for safe and secure access to high altitude areas.


We’re there for you

Our desire is to make sure your sign remains as attractive and effective tomorrow as it is today. Your sign is designed and crafted to last for years and years, providing trouble-free service. Of course, even the best signs sometimes require a little tender loving care. Whether it’s to repair structural damage due to the elements, simple yet thorough cleaning or light replacement, our maintenance team will be there to deliver the service you need long after the installation is completed.